Pastor’s Message

Welcome to First Reformed Church, United Church of Christ! Our name is a mouthful, yes? That’s because there is a lot of fascinating history embedded in it. Some folks find it easier to call us “First Church,” or “First Reformed,” or “First Reformed UCC.” I hope you call us your church!

If this is not yet your church home, we would love to meet you. If you are seeking a faith community where you can join others to:
• discover how God is moving in your life
• worship deeply and joyfully
• grow in your faith
• explore how you can be a blessing in the world
• spiritually flourish,
then you are heartily welcome to come and check us out. We will be glad to see you and learn how God may be calling you to embrace, and be embraced by, this church.

Being a Christian means being part of a faith community that is continually striving to follow the teachings of Christ. In Christian community, we become more fully who God longs for us to be, and we do it together. In a loving faith community, there is wiggle room to accept that we all have limitations. We ask God to use not only our spiritual gifts, but our limitations, as well! God transforms us, limitations and all, and unites us in wisdom and love.

If this is already your church home, you know (yes?) how essential you are as a disciple of Christ. You are vitally important to your church family, to others around you, and to God. Who you are and what you do in life makes a difference. How you experience the sacred matters. As brother and sister travelers on this path called the Way of Christ, we learn together how to listen for, and respond to, God – our God who is still speaking. What a blessing it is to walk with you!

Pastor Janna Born Larsen